Actual 2007 WR450 weight savings: silencer, ti spring, battery, Flexx bars

I couldn't find very good info on this when I searched so I decided to post my results after weighing some 07 WR450 parts on my local FedEx and Post office scales (both scales had identical readings) :


Stock 2007 WR450 silencer: 7.35 lbs

FMF Q4 Titanium: 6.15 lbs

Choosing the Q4 Ti saves you exactly 1.2 lbs over stock. I would like to know how much the Ti actually saves over the non-Ti version. Probably not very much.

Shock Spring:

I changed my stock WR450 spring to a Ti YZ spring.

Stock WR steel: 3.6 lbs

Stock YZ Ti spring: 2.3 lbs

1.3 lbs saved in a place that probably isn’t very noticeable while riding.


Stock WR450 Yuasa battery: 4.6 lbs

TurnTech 2.5 amp battery: 15.4 ounces or 1 lbs

3.6 lbs lighter than stock! Great bang for the buck especially while lowering weight in a very high location. Unfortunately I’m not sold on the 2.5 amp yet for my 450, it never starts like I want it to (although the easiest kick and it fires right up) so I may change to the 5 amp.


Stock ProTaper 2007 YZ/WR bend: 1.5 lbs

Flex bars – Woods 12deg bend with damper crossbars: 3.35 lbs

1.85 lbs extra at the absolute highest location on the bike. BUT my wrists love the flex bars so I’ll stick with them. Anything to prolong how long I can ride into the future.

You find the 2.5 turntech to not have enough in it to start your bike?

i did a search and found this thread... i'm looking for a new battery for my 07 and was wondering if you changed to the 5 amp yet?

I run the 2.5 on my 450 and it works great. Never had an issue turning the bike over.

I've got a few for you from a grocers meat scale, very acurate.

07 stock WR exhaust 8.55lbs

08 stock YZ with PMB endcap 6.65lbs

My new Jardine Exhaust 5.75lbs

Battery same at 4.6lbs

Ebatt .75lbs

Steel sprocket 52 tooth 2.96lbs

Ironman 52 tooth 1.35lbs

Aluminum 52 tooth 0.9lbs

I checed on the ebatt and you can't get them anymore.

i did a search and found this thread... i'm looking for a new battery for my 07 and was wondering if you changed to the 5 amp yet?

I finally got around to riding my WR recently for the first time since early this spring (I spend all my time on my YZ250 2T) and before I rode I put the battery on a battery tender. The reason the 2.5 wasn't working well for me was my fault, I never fully charged it before riding it last spring. I thought the bike would fully charge it as I rode. Topped off the 2.5 is fine.

You find the 2.5 turntech to not have enough in it to start your bike?

Sorry I never saw your post back in March for some reason, I just answered your question above.

Losing weight on anybike especially the WR is a losing battle

firstly getting rid of Unsprung Weight should be priority number 1

1.Light Hubs

2.Lighter Rims

3.Titanium Axles

4.Lighter Discs


Battery (makes no sense, why i bought the wr.. nothing worse than trying to kickstart a bike when you are climing in rocks or mud...

Head light

Small Alimunim bits

Boil Bottle? makes no sense bike will boil


Lighter pegs




Airbox snorkel

Switch gear on bars

Speedo (I like my speedo)

MX chain (non o ring)

Lighter Sprockets... (dont last as long)

Now, if you keen on racing you need to add...

1.Ali Skid plate'

2.Ali Front and rear disc guards

3.Bar risers

4.Steering Damper

5.Hand Guards

6.HEavier springs - weight of rider

7.Frame Guards

8.Rear Brake Master cylinder guard

9.braided brake hoses

10.Long range tank if you need one

11.Slime in tyres

12.Enduro Tubes or Tubliss system

13.Radiator Braces

14.Bigger Radiators

15.Case saver, and carbon fiber front spoket gaurd

16.GYRT plastic chain Guide..

You might as well by a YZ and convert the gearbox to a WR one... cheap conversion...

Many of the top riders here in South Africa do that... take a YZ, since the forks are better.... add the wr gearbox, add a boil bottle and protection and voila.. done..

So if you want to race, and you dont want to battle too much with weight loss, and spending huge to get your suspension right... a YZ is probably a better option, however you will have more maintenance costs... Motor especially

If you are a weekend warrior, and race for fun... a WR is a better bet. and you have e-start, if you are prone to stalling..

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