First ride on my new 09YZ450F

I love it

That track looks like a lot of fun. I just bought mine last week, took it out on Saturday and had a blast. Going to the dunes this weekend. Can't wait. Enjoy.

You too, 09 feels easier to handle, than my old 06

What suspension settings did you choose?

Actually I like the factory setup, but I only rode on one track with it just yet and really liked it.

I broke in my 09 two weeks ago in the rain so this past weekend was the first time I really got to use it's power and handling, well without wheelspin and sliding. I gotta say that I really like it.

Tons of fun, although it's gonna take a little getting used to doing jumps on it. I hit a jump in high 2nd when it should have been low second. I way overshot the landing and landed on a flat, which ripped my left hand off the grip and left me with quite a bit of pain between the legs (didn't go down though :thumbsup:). I thought the suspension absorbed the hit extremely well and I didn't hear it bottom out even though it was a pretty bad hit.

09 YZ450F...mmmmmmm


You guys are killing me.

Congrats to you all, gorgeous bikes, and dammit, I hope to have a leftover '09 right along with you (in white as well) within the next month or so....

I love it

Nice video - what camera did you use?

GO PRO Hero Wide

Only mod I'll do is putting on FMF slip on and 165 Jet.


So far I've left my settings at stock and it's been great. I did notice a pretty good jolt when the rear wheel hit a rock while I was riding in the desert but other than that it's been great. Is it me, or due to the stock exhaust being so quiet and the smooth powerband you don't notice you're going as fast as you really are?

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