Bill's Pipes anyone??

Anyone out there using a bill's pipe or heard of anyone using one of their thumper pipe's?? I heard of a guy up here with one on his 03 wr 450 that just rant's about how good it is.Say's he blow's away crf's :D :D :)

They are a bit loud, probably just under the AMA 101db limit.

OTW, good design, nice tapered headpipe to wake up the mid.

I have a friend with one and he has never been pulled on a mx-start.

He does have other mods though.

I have a bills thunders series pipe on my 400 and absolutely love it. Combined with taffy's style of jetting and yz timing my bike is an absolute joy to ride. Very smooth power but with enough snap to do top gear wheelies down the highway.

It does need regular repacking though, or it does get pretty LOUD. I've heard you can repack with stainless steel wool instead of fibreglass and it lasts a lot longer before it burns out.I'm going to give that theory a try.

The build quality is very good and strong and it is heaps lighter than the stock boat anchor. I intend to keep it and fit it to my new 450.

hope this helps :)

Hey thank's for all the great input,it's the only pipe I can get from my supplier without waiting for 2 months... I would hate to spend all that money on something I am not going to be happy with :):D....But everything i've heard so far is positive .....Thanks for your help in the choice......Todd

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