For sale: White Brothers Exhaust System

Carbon Fiber shorty with titanium header. Fits YZ/WR 400/426. Used one season(one small dent in header). Otherwise in good condition. A steal @ $300 firm.

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im really interested in your system...could you post a pic (or email me it)! Where is the dent is it at a critical spot? Why would you sell such an awesome setup? What jetting do you run with it?



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Sorry, I don't have any pics or the technology to send it out. But the dent looks like a flying rock gash(about 1/2" long and not even 1/8" deep) on the outermost part of the bend. Not like it hit the ground real hard or anything. I am selling the system because I bought the bike used two weeks ago and it was on there. I am sponsored by FMF and don't think they want to see a WB pipe out the back. Know what I mean? Anyhow, the system is in really good shape, so if you want, e-mail me and we could sort things out. Later!

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How interested can you be, if you haven't replied back to me yet? Or were you just looking for jetting tips, with a cover? Later!

Is the pipe the Meg type? Hey if the other

guy is no calling back I want it.

call me at 678-984-8924


It is a Pro-meg. I'll be calling you tomorrow(friday) to set it up. Later.

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