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First bike and rebuild thread.

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This is going to be lengthy but here goes:

Hello im new to the forum and new to dirt bikes. I just bought a 1986 DR100 for $275 bucks. It ran good and started fine when i got it. Only thing needed was a clutch cable and a left side panel. No front brakes but i wasnt really worried about that. I replaced the clutch cable but on that same day after i rode for about 15 minutes i stopped to talk to my neighbor. Got back on it and it wouldnt start and gas was dripping under the float bowl. I got a tow from my neighbors four wheeler and still wouldnt start. At this point i thought maybe a plug? Checked the plug and had spark. Then i cleaned the carb out very well and it didnt seem to be in bad shape but then again ive never done it so im not sure what to look for. All the jets were very clean and the float bowl had very minimum debris. Still would not start. So it seems my first dirt bike has turned into my first project and id like if everyone here could help walk me through it. I figure im willing to put in a little money into it since i only have 310$ after the clutch cable in it. So lets hear what i need to try next and remember this is my first dirt bike so be as specific as possible or point me into the right direction. THANKS ALOT

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The carb should most likely be a MIKUNI VM20SS.

If fuel is leaking from under the float bowl I would guess the float needle isn't closing completely to the seat.

I suggest you remove the carb, disassemble it and clean it thoroughly.

A manual might be helpful but the older Mikunis are fairly simple to work on.

If you cant find a manual you could take a lot of pictures and notes during the dis-assembly.

Get some carb cleaner (Berrymans B-12 is among the best) and a can of compressed air if you don't own an air compressor.

Heres a pic of the carb internals and a link to the DR100 fiche.

Parts 14 thru 17 are the float, needle, seat, hanger etc:


Parts fiche link. http://www.bikebandit.com/1986-suzuki-motorcycle-dr100g/o/m5808

Good luck ­čĹŹ

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okay guys i got a new problem, went out today and checked for spark again and had nothing. I figured i had fouled the plug somehow and got a new one. Still no spark? Where do i look now? I checked the carb out again before i put it back on and everything came out to be in really good shape. I think its more of a spark thing now

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