Anyone else think the Wr450 is slow

1st ride on my 09 WR450 - I was crying, it was so slow, I could hold the throttle wide open and was going nowhere (weird - cause the dealer did the free mods, but they also sold me the GYTR insert - Yuck).

2nd ride put a 09 YZ header and muff on - Oh Boy!!!! I was crying tears of joy after that death ride. Ever since that day I'm very respectful of the go faster twisty thing on the handlebars.

Break-in = Ride it like you stole it for 20miles, change oil, Ride normal. Done!

Well yeah removing the stock throttle stop and installing a YZ unit alone will make it faster :lol: With the WR stop its limited to half throttle.

YZ throttle stop, jetting, opened airbox, and uncorked exhaust make it run like it should. You will not be disappointed especially comming off of a TT-R 250.

TT-R 250= 1977 Chevette

WR 450f= 2010 Corvette ZR-1

The difference is that drastic.

Fixed :thumbsup:

Actually the opposite. I wouldn't recomend breaking in the bike without the free mods especially the throttle stop. You want to break the motor in with short bursts of full throttle to properly seat the rings. The one thing you don't want to do on break in is riding any distance with a steady throttle. Lot's of aceleration and deceleration.

Change your oil after the first 1-2 hours as well.

I agree with this, i got mad at my dealership over this point...

they told me after i siad the bike is weak.. my KX250 has more power.

they told me about the throttle stop being 50%... i was like i tried to seat the rings with 50% throttle only... dammit i was pissed off with them



I love the analagy. You were right. I did the mods and WOW!! I just hope I don't hurt myself before I can enjoy it.

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