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06 yz125:oil not coming out of drain plug when added

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I am working on an 06 yz 125...The person that owns the bike had drownd the bike in water...He had flushed the trans out and added fresh oil...rode the bike for about 10 min and the tranny started making noise. I am a tech for a yamaha dealer and it sounded like a spun bearing. So i pulled the clutch cover and clutch and found that there is no hole in the bottom of the right center case for oil to go from the clutches to the trans..I filled the transmission with about 3/4 qt of oil through where you can see the gears in the tranny, which is too much, and not a single drop came out...SOOO my question is how does the oil get from the clutch side into the transmission? This bike is #45 built in 06 and cant have more than 5 hrs running time on it. If someone has a picture of the right center case i would be greatful to see it...Seems to me there is a flaw in the case!

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