What Kind of Oil do you use?

Hi all, I was wondering what everyone liked to use for oil and to get opinions about what oil is best for your 1st oil change. I've always had really good luck with AMS Oil synthetic oils, but I'm a little concerned because I've read that some people believe that you should use conventional oil for your first oil change because the synthetic works too good and your rings won't seed. Is there any validity to this? I've just broke in my new bike and was wondering what people thought before I put oil in it.

Rotella 5w-40 synth.

They reforumulated it in '08 to meet the new low sulfur diesel standards and made the additive package less robust. I wouldn't reccomend the new stuff. I have 5 gallons of the old stuff and when I run out I'll be going to a moto specific oil. Probably one of the maxima ester blends.

yamalube 20w50

Rotella non syth. 15-40. I change it often with very good results.

I also use Rotella non syth. 15-40. I have used it in my road bike too for 29,000 miles and is great oil.

I use QS SAE 20w-50 mineral, but they have stoped selling this oil in sweden and europe. So now I'm gonna use Pennzoil SAE 20w-50 mineral in my WR 450 -07.

I have lived by the same notion, conventional oil until the motor is broken in. But in recent years I gave up on that theory and have just used synthetics during break in and rode the bike like I usually do. Nothing special on break in but get some good pressure on the rings. 4th gear WOT midrange pulls, don't hangout on the revlimiter and don't abuse the motor until there is more than 5 hrs on the bike.

Oil type has been discussed many times over.... Here is one seach result.


I use maxima 4 extra 15W50.

as long as you change the oil often enough the viscosity will not break down....

Synthetics can generally last longer than conventional oil... but I always change my oil and filter every 3 rides.... so I dont really think it matters.

I would rather pay for a new oil filter every oil change and use conventional oil over than synthetic an no new filter

Oil type has been discussed many times over....

That's an under statement!! :thumbsup:

amsoil MCF synth. 10w40

kinda high, but worth it IMHO....

After 3 rides for 30 minutes on the new 09 WR450, changed to my standard Amsoil full syn 10w40...

Im doing my 1st oil change on my new 450f and im using yamalube 10w 40

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