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2005 Yfz450 engine swap to 2007 yfz450?

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so my buddy who has 100% grown out of riding and is currently in a financial bind is getting his 2007 Yfz450 tooken away. His quad being newer with hardly any use and a brand spankin-new top end he told me that i can try to pull whatever i could off his and throw it in mine as long as his ran after.

So im thinking awsome in gonna trade his brand new motor, I just need to know if that is possible with little to no modification at all. Ive looked everything over and it all looks pretty much the same but that little 1/8 of an inch different motor mount and things like that will not be cool to deal with.

Anyone with any experience or knolwedge would be greatly apriciated to help me out! Thanks guys

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