buy or not to buy

I've come across something that seems like a steal to me. I need the help of you yamaha guys to tell me if it is or not. 2003 yz450f, about 10 hours on it. I've known the owner since grade school and know that the condition of the bike is next to showroom status. It hasnt been rode in about 2 years but before it was parked (in the garage) it had a full service by a reputable yamaha dealer. $1500 bucks. What are these going for? Any problems with them? I ride honda and no nothing about the blue bikes. I couldnt find anything here but then again thats years of threads. So what to do, what to do? Any help is greatly appreciated.

IF you know the guy personally and trust that the bike truly has such low hours then I'd say go for it. Do you know if he kept up on the oil changes and was diligent in air filter maintenance?

What part of IL are you at?


About 30 miles south of taylorville or about a hour south of springfield. How about you?

if you pass, I'd be interested.

ill keep you updated.

thats a good price, the bike needs a suspension revalve for most riders, it's too stiff and a flywheel weight(dr.D) helps make the bike more rideable one of the all time great motors in that bike!

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