Searching for Boit.

My dear friend,

I now that You ones thought about getting Yourself a Magura clutch.

Well....... Have you done this yet?

I only wanted to warn You to make sure You get the -00 model with the aluminium cap (at the slave-cylinder head and not the plastic version.

Hey Numpsy: I haven't bought the hydraulic clutch conversion as of yet but it's the next up grade item that goes on the bike. I've spent so much lately that I thought I had better cool it til after Christmas. Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate that... :)

He Numpsy,

Did you have one, if so did the cable of the decompression lever fit?

Mine didn't and I have to "make" a cable that fits. Its a pity that it didn't fit right out of the box.

Right now I am using the stock decompression lever.



The stock decomp. cable did not fit You say?!?

I had my bike stripped to pieces when I replaced the stock lever with the Magura.

I may have altered the way the cable was drawn, but it fits.

AND I think it is great to loose the x-tra lever from the bars!!!!!!!!!!

Allways keep in mind: The rev-limiter is there for a cause, USE IT!!!! Numpsy

i've got the magura juice clutch on my WR & it's a godsend! great.

but i also had trouble with the decomp lever reaching due to my high bars. at an enduro last year ('00) i stalled at the first left hander going into a wood. woz i popular or what!!!

anyway i got over it by slackening the cable right off. there is still enough leverage to decomp the engine, i also carefully routed the cable so that it got the shortest run.

by the way if you ever break the clamp KTM keep them in stock in black.


What's going on with the decompression cable fit? Does the Magura installation demand that the cable be rerouted? I still have the stock clutch setup but I DID move the decomp.lever to above the clutch perch to avoid banging my knee on it in a corner.

No need to worry Boit.

It is a simple job to perform and the gain is great.

It is a much better sollution to have the decomp. lever mounted on the clutch lever.

You have to loosen Your left cooler anyhow to get the cable replaced by the oil-line, so the decomp. cable rerouting is no hard work..........


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