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Barely used PW80 2004 stalls

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Just acquired a barely used 2004 PW80. It was described as 'running cold' but really isn't running at all.

On choke it starts reliably, but it stalls when the choke is off. If you can get it revving, it seems to run passably at 1/2 throttle, but it will eventually make a hollow bogging sound when RPM drops and it dies.

Cleaned the stock jets and entire carb with SeaFoam and blew everything out. All is clean, compression is high (nearly 150). Normally if a bike runs well with choke I figure it's lean in pilot, but this is really weird in how it totally won't run at even a fast idle with the air screw at any setting. Are my jets varnished from two years of sitting in old gas, need to replace pilot? I don't think I have air leaks.

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