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First Off Road Ride on my X :) (sort-of)

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So i went for a little cruise today and headed up a local mountain. Got to the top and the road turned into a nice old logging road with lots of muddy holes to go riding through,🤣




Just wondering if after every ride you should lube your chain?

how bad is it to ride in the rain or through water?

by the way just left it in the garage didn't lube it thinkin now it was a bad idea i didn't, hope it doesn't bite me in the ass in the morning... 👍

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It won't bite you in the ass right away after doing it once.

It's the doing it a million times and not doing anything that bites you in the ass.

It's a good thing to first brush the chain with a nylon-bristled brush and then lube the chain after an off-road ride.

Also, don't neglect your air filter.

It's easy to do that because it's out of sight inside of the airbox, and the Owner's Manual gives some rediculous service interval of something like once-every-blue-moon.

Use a real foam air filter oil and not some kind of witch's brew home concoction or K&N filter oil or Wesson corn oil or drain oil from your uncle's Oldsmobile.


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Assuming your chain is an o-ring chain, and most are today, then your aren't really lubing it when you are oiling it, you are giving it a protective layer of oil to keep the rust off it. The o-rings keep the lube inside the chain and the water/contaminants out - that includes any 'lube' you spray on the chain.

When I ride off-road, I wash off my bike with a hose when I come home because it is covered in dirt and mud. After that I spray the chain with 'lube' so it won't rust.

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the x has a oring or xring chain and you only need to shoot a little lube on it every 500 miles or so.

your book will tell you how often.

a quick shot after washing is good but not too much it just builds up and gets gunky.

NEVER lube a chain right before you go on a ride. it just flings off and makes a mess.

if anyone uses a non oring or xring chain like on a mx bike it is best to lube it as soon as you come in from your last ride of the day and spray it as soon as you put it on the stand. spraying it while it is hot at the end of the day will allow it to penetrate into the collars and plates of the chain then have a chance to dry before the next days ride.

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