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kx 80 1995 running poorley at high revs

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i have a kx 80 which runs like its to lean in the main jet region. but im at sea level and have put the main jets back to standard. the bike runs fine in the first 3rd of the throtle range then it just doesnt hit powerband it tops out like its running to lean or spark is going under presure. iv checked main seals and had bore honed they guy says its not perfected but iis pretty good. also new pistion and rings new reeds [not over tightend]. also i got a second hand cdi and stator. stator is up to spec but im not shore if the new cdi has exactly the same prob as the old one.

i surpose my question is this symptons of either the ignition coil or main jet or cdi or neither have i over looked somthing else.

please help help help

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