Leaky Carb issues on 05 WR450

Hey All,

long time lurker, first time poster! be gentle I've searched for this but can't find any similar threads..

Recently checked the valves on my WR450 as part of regular maintenance and followed the instructions in the service guide.

Put the bike back together, only to find that fuel was pissing out the carbie overflow even though i had not touched the carb as part of the service..

pulled the carb off and adjusted the float height as per spec in the service guide, but it just wont stop leaking.. and im not talking a slow leak here, im talking like a full flow of fuel.. I've checked the float valve for wear and it's still perfect, no dirt in the valve seat (cleaned out with compressed air).. all out of ideas...

2nd issue is that I pulled off the accelerator pump and now there's an ever so small leak out of that general area - not sure if I can put any sealant around that area - don't think I can.. has this happened to anyone before?

I'm going to pull off the carb again on the weekend and blow it out and check to see if float is taking in fuel and not working correctly..


The leak is very likely due to a faulty O-ring around the needle valve seat. They are easy to replace via Yamaha Part# 8 F2-14147-00 O-ring for Keihin FCR carbs.

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