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1994 husky 610 possible electric problem

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Hi all

i have a what i thought was a 2000 610 tc which is turning out to be a 1994 610 te.

Great hey

Anyway the problem is that its a nightmare to start, to the point that it only starts when the wife tows me in her car. and yes that is scary

ive checked loads of things and all appears to be fine im now looking and thinking that there might be a problem with the auto advance on the timing.

does anyone have any information / a wiring diagram for one of these. ive been waiting for over a week to get the tool to get the flywheel off and ive just found out that it could be at home waiting for me today. the electrics are a SOM that could be SEM Sweden

thanks everyone

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I have a 94 and had similar issues. I adjusted the stator position and it seems to be better. I believe others have found that they had bad valves and fixed it by getting a valve job. What is your compression at? Does it start easier hot than cold?

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wow this could be a big help or solution, im not to sure where your based but im in england. ive just got off the phone to this company http://www.westcountrywindings.co.uk and they tell me that it could be the SEM stator. although they cant repair it they can test it and if it is faulty replace it with one that will fit.

after 3 months messing around with it i just hope that it is this that is faulty and i can get racing on it

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they have an established reputation for ignitions,

but it won't be cheap,

I can help with a husky owners manual if needed,

when the bike is tow started does it idle perfectly?

it should be able to bump at that point..,

these bikes have quite a knack to starting with the kickstart,

and if yours has parts from varying models and years you may find that it's a set-up issue rather than a specific faulty component,

just trying to save you some time and money,


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know what your saying and thanks i have a manual for it and ive just got the tool to get the magneto off the stator is a sealed unit. they will check mine first and let me know if it has any problems that costs £5 so i cant really see a problem. to be honest ill be glad if it is faulty becuase ive kicked it so much you wouldnt believe.

when it does start it does idle perfectly but it also has bags and bags of compression so much so if you try and kick it at the wrong point the kick start just wont move so i dont think its that.

i did take it to a husqvarna dealer up in york they had it for a week then rang me and said a 6'4" mechanic had just tried and on the 4th kick it started, but when i got there two other mechanics tried and it wouldnt start.

anyway for the sake of £5 i think its worth checking it out

ill keep you all informed of the outcome

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when you buy one, make sure you get the flywheel and stator together, they are ment to be a unit.

i have a spare new lower startor and flywheel, thats brand new, id sell for what i paid for it,,250.00 plus shipping..

i dont have a spare coil assembly, but they can be found still through Husky.

email me at molinenorski@msn,{spammerbegone}.com remove the obvious..


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quick update for anyone who is interested. I heard from WestCountry Windings yesterday aparently the slow motions part of it isnt working. anyway a new stator / back plate is on its way back to me. total cost £141 and if it works its a bargain in my opinion

ive been trying to get it to start off the kickstart since last november so I really do hope its this.

Ill let you all know more when ive fitted it hopefully tonight

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Well quick update everyone, got up at 6 this morning and fitted the new stator.


So anyone with a husky that has trouble starting i would advice get the stator checked out

big thanks to everyone for the advice and help

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