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Siezed Kickstart Idler Gear - Siezed HELP

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Hi, I brand new to this forum - and I'm looking for some advice.

I thought I had siezed my engine on 04 rmz 250 - started to tear down and found that the kickstart idler gear was siezed. I can't remove the gear and was looking for advice on how to take it off. The shop manual just says to remove it, so I assume it should just pull out without too much force - mine won't come out. It looks like it can be pushed by removing the crankcase breather fitting (on the back side) and maybe using a punch to push it out.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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That's weird. They usually pull right off. There's no circlip or anything. Lack of lubrication possibly seized it. Or if it has sat for a long time condensation inside caused some small corrosion up there where the oil would have long since settled off. Just my guesses.

You might be able to start freeing it up with some penetrating oil and try to work it loose a little at a time. Try to heat up the gear with a torch a little that could also help.

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