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cdi yz250 06

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hi just registered so i'll dive straight in

yz250 06 no spark .tested as manual instructs everything in spec so it points to cdi failure.

so simple question is this a common fault as in all my years riding/maintaining motorcycles i've never once replaced a cdi.

cheers JK from the uk

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just ordered cdi from local dealer

if its not that ,back to square one

cheers JK

Hi Jason,

I have gone through the same thing on my 05 YZ250, twice. First time (over a year ago) I measured everything per the manual and everything was within spec. I noticed a little moisture in one of the connectors so I cleaned/sprayed contact cleaner in all the connections. I also pulled to cover for the flywheel/stator and noticed my GYTR flywheel was a bit rusty, but the part on the flywheel that passes the magneto looked fine. I cleaned it all up anyway and when I got it all back together I had spark again. I wasn’t real confident though as nothing seemed bad enough to cause no spark and I thought it was most likely due to the moisture in the connector, that is until last week when I lost spark again.

I went through the same drill as before… I measured everything (again all within spec), cleaned connectors but this time I checked for spark before pulling the flywheel cover… still no spark! I then pulled the flywheel cover and sprayed contact cleaner on the pickup on the magneto and the raised part on the flywheel and VIOLA, WE HAVE SPARK!!!

I’m guessing that may be your problem… try cleaning up the magneto/rotor and let us know how it goes. Hopefully that will fix your problem and you won’t have to pay for that cdi unit!



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hi colin

that,s the same thing i have done in the past, this time there was no sign of rust/water behind the cover and that,s down to a double gasket and e-lines machined cover.

all connectors were cleaned before/after testing so i,m pinning my hopes on cdi.

lets see what happens when new cdi is plugged in.

keep you posted.


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