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Ordering GM Parts

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I bet there's someone who reads TT who knows a trick I don't know.

I need a shift cable for a 95 Pontiac Grand Am GT 5SPD 4cyl. I think it might be an Isuzu transmission.

The local Pontiac dealer has told me that I need part number 22570006, which I'm pretty sure is an AC delco part number.

He wants $220 for it and I'll have it by tomorrow.

I can get it via RockAuto.com for $160 or so shipped, but it might be a few days.

And Amazon.com claims they can sell it for $150 shipped, but it might take longer.

It's a cable. Ordinary 8 GA multi-strand cable. There is no good reason this should cost that much. $75? Sure, $100, if you insist. $150, if I have to. $220 - I already dislike that dealer's parts department, I'm not spending an extra $60 on them even if they brought it to my door today. Well, maybe I would for that kind of service, but there service really sucks.

So, does anyone know how I might be able to get it cheaper? Not a salvage yard, I don't want to take a chance on a 15 year old one and have to spend an hour pulling it out.

I replaced this cable last year with what I was told was a new one, looked like a new one and I have no idea why it failed.

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hey smacaroni.. i helped you with that install last year.. just looked and that is the correct retail price for that cable, which i will agree with you is way too high.. It does show to be an isuzu trans... they did not used to be that high.. i think as things get older and production goes down, the price goes up, then they discontinue them...

any one that is going to have it shipped, like rock auto thing, will cost you a couple of days...

One thing to check on your car.. make sure the shift cable is not binding on anything, routed wierd, or anything.. Also.. check you battery and chassis grounds.. When the grounds go away, the car will ground thru the next biggest cable. That is usually the shift cable. Look at the break and see if it looks burned..


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I'm going to have to check that ground. Thanks.

I got lucky last year, or I thought I got lucky finding that one on Craigslist and the guy was willing to ship it. I'm still sure it was new, so I'm not faulting him or CL.

Well, I'm hoping against hope, that I might have thrown the prior cable that the bushings went out of in my shed and not in the trash. I hope I didn't destroy it in the process of removing it and I'm thinking I'll swap the bushings from the new one to the old one and while that's keeping the car moving, have a local place that makes cables make a new one for less than $150.

There's a lot of wishful thinking going on in that above paragraph.

I didn't find this till now, but I wish I had known about Booger Bushings last year. At least the install would have been faster.

Speaking of bushings, the shift cable and the select cable are both plastic dog-bone ends with rubber-like bushings, how can they conduct electricity? I can understand if it were 100,000 volts, but not 12V and even 20,000 on the spark plug cap is a bit much to pass that kind of insulation.

Anyway, if I didn't thank you for your help last year, I really appreciate it. Sometimes I forget. Just a little frustrated that that cable took a dump this quick.

If it's any help, from what I could see via a flash light around the mess of cables and A/C lines, the end of the cable looks like a pine needle leaf, just a bunch of cable strands pointing in every possible direction.

What happened was we were driving 120-ish miles from home, almost to the destination when I shifted from 1st to 2nd and I couldn't find second. I stuck it in third and pulled over the next chance I got. This is when I found out that 2, 4 and R had gone AWOL.

We got to our destination without backing up and home again with a trailer (350lbs? maybe 400) by using only 1, 3 and 5.

We needed to stop by my brother's house which is on the waw home, and he has tools, so about two blocks from his house, I tried to shift from 1st to 3rd only to be greeted by screeching tires cause it was still in 1st. Tried again, same thing. Coasted to my brother's house where we discovered the pine-needle cable.

The car is still at his house now.

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you did thank me..

i do stuff like that and the wife wonders why i keep old cable and replaced parts... sometimes you need them.. i don't understand the grounding thing either, it should not. we don't see it as much in the newer cars as the older, but it happens... we see things happen here everyday that should not happen...

oh and the part number you have posted is correct by my catalog..


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Thanks, I'm glad you double checked, cause Amazon.com says no. But I believe RockAuto and the local GM dealer (as much as I dislike their lousy service) more than Amazon.

Still crossing my fingers waiting to get home to check on that cable's where abouts.

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That's not such a bad price. The $220 is the list price otherwise known as the rip off price. If I had to guess RockAuto is paying about $115 to $120 for that cable so it's not insane markup at the distributor level. I have a very educated guess due to my job for ACDelco's ecommerce.

I can't fathom why parts cost what they do either. Perhaps this is why ACDelco is basically the most profitable part of GM.

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For reference, the same cable system for a 1994 is $40. That's it, two digits. On ebay. I'm not taking a chance that it's the wrong cable because there's no photo.

Although the part number does interchange from what I can tell.

Oh well, it's paid for now, hopefully it'll show up soon.

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