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Supercross tix - Seattle Qwest Field

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Hey guys,

I need two tix for the Seattle Supercross.

Any suggestions on where to get them?

I tried Ticketmaster, but it looks like they only have 300 level tix right now.

Do the motorcycle shops have them? I seem to remember seeing some a while ago at one of the shops out here (eastside/Bellevue/Redmond area).




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I just got a pair yesterday off ticketbastard in the 200 level. For some reason ebay doesn't have much. Although with all the fees they charge prepare yourself to spend an extra 25 bukaroos unless you can go up to seattle and buy them from the gate. Select 200 level in the ticket search. All those should be $45. So for 2 I paid $115. They charge you 5 buck to PRINT them! Off your own printer!! 👍 good luck

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