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IM NEW to the 450's Im a 250 2-stroke rider need help with power issues/remapping

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IM NEW to the 450's! Im a 250 2-stroke rider! I need help with power issues and remapping on my 2009 Honda 450r fuel inj bike.

Ive allways been a 2-stroke rider and pretty fast on the tracks on it. I decided to buy the Honda 09 fuel inj 450r and went to the track yesterday and tried to take it easy and crashed. My big fault yesterday was trying to ride it like im used to on my 250 2-stroke. I crashed! My 450 got away from me on a jump when i just snapped the throttle like you do on 2-strokes and the front came up causing me to give more gas. I then tried to always run in the next gears up.

I heard you can re-map these things.

Can someone tell me "what i need to remap" (program? cord?) , and "how to remap" this to mellow this 450 it out a bit till i get used to it?

I heard there is like 3 diff mappings you can choose from? (Im 230lb intermediate rider for mapping )

THANKS GUYS! Mike@AreYouPro.com

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