08 WR 450 build recommendations

I have th 08 WR 450, have done all the initial modifications.

It can climb steep single tracks very well, I live in Montana.

I'm considering an exhaust change and maybe new sprocket gearing.

front or back sprocket change?? I don't know.

does an aftermarket exhaust really make much difference?

does it truly add power or is the stock unit fine?

I want to enter an enduro this summer.

I put an aftermarket pipe on my Harley SuperGlide and the performance is worse than stock. With the stock muffler the Harley has much quicker acceleration from a dead stop. the aftermarket pipes just sound cooler, it think it drops power. Of course none will admit that, or maybe they can't notice. the aftermarket slip on pipe was a waste - but it does sound cool

I don't want to do this to my WR.

Thanks for any advice,




As far as gearing goes, the rule of thumb is that 1 tooth on the front sprocket = 3 teeth on the rear.

I'd be trying a 1 tooth smaller front sprocket first if I were you since this is a cheaper option than buying a rear one.

Exhausts? Check this out before you go wasting money on an aftermarket exhaust....... (It's a lot of reading, but very informative.)



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