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Windscreens and Biker Chicks!

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I have been riding my Suzuki DR 650 for the last few days and am having a ball! I'm considering getting some kind of windscreen or shield but the only one I like so far is from Australia and costs way too much money.

I've read good and bad things about different types and the pros and cons.I'm riding almost all on the street and would love to get something small that really helps when I go over 50. I love this one but its $199. I've been to Twisted Throttle for my center stand and see a small one but I like the way this is mounted.



VSM Vince Strang Motorcycles:

Twisted Throttle MRA Streetshield

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I've tossed the idea around a time or two myself. My hubby's KLR650 has a little extra wind screen, and it works well. I would like that little bit extra too. I haven't found a thing I like either (the one in your pic looks about the best I've seen). They all mount to the bars (not much room after mounting my GPS) and tend towards huge. One guy on a DR650 list cut out part of a plastic trash can and bolted to the top edge of his number plate. It actually looked pretty good, and I have been considering trying something like that too. Don't be afraid to make your own!

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