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FCR carb woes

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I just wanted to make this post with the hopes that anyone in our situation could avoid the DEBACLE that a buddy of mine and I just resolved.... with a new/used carb.

Do not...DO NOT take the carb halves apart on these Kehin FCR's. Although the security bits required are not hard to find. These halves should be permanently attached in my opinion.

The bike we aquired (03' WR450) had a lean condition, found to be somewhere near the carb. We pulled it all apart, cleaned it, discovered that the halves had been apart before, and had been put together with a sloppy Hi-tack job.

The seal between the halves ripped in the process... Which cost us $100 for a new one. The only place to get one is in an "Athena Dual Spray" kit.

It didn't matter though. We tried, and tried... 3 times over, to seal the halves, to no avail. The bike still runs like it did when we got it cheap.­čĹŹ

Finally swapped in the carb out of my 02' 426, and it started on the 3rd kick,

and purred... We'll be getting a used carb with a warranty (if we can find one) in the coming weeks.

Lesson learned...


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