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Need His/Hers street legal dirt bikes in WA

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He rides: 1995 CR500 (dirt) and 1998 CBR1100XX (street)

She rides: 1996 XR200

State of Reisdence: Washington

He: 38 years old, 200lb, 5'11" (experienced dirt and street rider)

She: 40 years old, xxxlb, 5'8 (capable dirt rider)

We wish to sell both of the above dirt bikes and obtain dual sports or conversions that can be licensed in WA.

Figure 60% dirt and 40% street.

He owned a 1996 CR250L and was very dissapointed in power, suspension, gearing and freeway performance. He will need power and good trail suspension to be satisfied. Mostly medium to difficult trails. Motocross air is no longer needed.

She has never ridden on the street and will be happy as long as she can hit 60mph on the highway between low to medium difficulty trails.

What bikes do you all suggest for us?

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KTM450 EXC for him. Fast, light and street legal. Monthy oil change and chain tension check but pretty simple and easy to wrench on.

8 & 10mm for the most part.

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I'm 6'1" 190lbs owned and ridden both of these bikes.

Both WA street legal out of the box and alot of fun.

I spent 3K for the KLX and 4K for the KTM. Both in WA, both low mi & clean.

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XR650L and CRF230L

there really is no one perfect do it all dual sport bike......

This must come from a Honda only guy. The 650l is overweight, underpowered, undersuspended. The KTM's, Huskys, and Beta are about all that will fit for him if he wants power and suspension (unless you get a Dual-sported dirtbike). KTM and Beta have a better tranny for DS use than the Huskys.

For the 250 range then you have KLX250, WR250r, CRF230, XT225/250 and TE250 The TE would be the best offroad by far but it has a very high seat. Any of the first 3 would be very suitable for 60/40 use.

The XR650R Dual-sported would be great as well.

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You all are a great help. Thank you.

WA does not allow off road bikes to be plated any longer. They check the title and are a pain in the back side about it.

I had not considered a lowering link...

She wants a 230L but I am afraid it will not pull her to freeway speeds based on my xr250L experience in the 90's. It took forever for me to get to 65mph on that bike.

I have been secretly considering the KTM exc line (520, 530, etc.) Do I need 500+ cc or are the 400+ KTMs strong enough to provide entertainment?

I have only owned Hondas (xr250L, cr500, xr200, cbr1000, cbr1100xx) and know them to be darn near bullet proof after trying to kill more than one of them. Are KTMs as dependable?

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I doubt the 230L would be much fun at highway speeds.

The KLX is ok on the highway but the front fender starts to flap at 65 and it's a bit unsettling. Supermoto or vented aftermarket fender might fix it.

Re-jet,slip on pipe and drop tooth on the counter sporcket really livens them up. Big bore kits and more exotic carbs are becoming readily available.

I saw the Honda 230 at the motocycle show and was disappointed.

For $5,000 out the door I expect more from a dual sport.

I'd put it in the same class at the XT225 or TW200.

(we had an 05 for my wife for a very short time, she has a KLX now)

All steel, very basic with few if any real performance options.


No upgraded pipes or suspension needed.

Richen up the jetting a bit and your done.

Reliable as any of the 15 other dirt bikes and dual sports we've had.

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I personally ride a KTM400 but coming off of a CR500 you might want a 520/525/530. Some folks put on different throttle tubes with different settings so you can get more of a MX type hit. I love the smooth power for offroad. The 450/530 both have plenty of power. There are quite a few out there try to get a ride on one, I know i'd like to trade for a short time for a CR500.­čĹŹ

The KTM transmission is the best in the business.

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