XR 650R at freeway speeds.

Dude, Sensai is like an Ex-Engineer who's now retired and is living in Yorda Linda. Probly neighbors with the Ex.Pres Nixon hahaha :-) :)

XR954, it appears you've done some DD :D

Me so :)

I'd better head back to the Watergate and start shredding. :D

Just a little followup on my handgrip experiment. I took an old mousepad and pulled the cloth cover off. Then cut out sections to fit over the handgrip (length wise slightly smaller the the grip and width wise the ends meet exactly when wrapped tightly around the existing grip). Then I used 2" wide velcro. Cut one piece (of the nonfuzzy material)into 1" wide strips and used a two part epoxy to glue a strip on each end on the wrap-around rubber padding. Then cut 2" wide strips of the fuzzy and nonfuzzy velcro material and simply stuck them together (back to back). This makes a flexible velcro overlap to hold the end pieces together. The result is an easy to install and remove handgrip padding supplement for those highway rides. Feels good and stays in place.

If it moves use WD40.

If it doesn't move use Duct Tape

If it does both use Velcro :)

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