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79 Xr 80 is it the valves?

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I recently got a 79 xr 80 that has been sitting for 16 years. I have gone through it and have a new plug that gets great fire. the carb is as clean as could be. And it starts easy and idles easy. my problem is the response. if you give it gas gradually it does just fine but if you try to nail the gas it begins to bog down and out and if you let back off the gas it starts running fine again. Do my valves need adjusting or what can anyone help me?

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Start by giving it a complete tune up:

1) check and adjust valves, change the oil while you are at it

2) clean and adjust points to spec or replace if needed

3) when cleaning the carb, make certain you can clearly see through both jets when held up to a light source

4) check and adjust float level

5) check for blockages in fuel line

6) clean air filter

With that being said, some XR80's and 100's will still have a slight bog when the throttle is snapped open b/c they don't have pumper carbs

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