stuck throttle


Did you check to see if you had

build up on your bars where your throttle tube rides ? Mine came from the dealer with

rusty mucas under the throttle tube, so I sanded the bars with 400 & 600 grit emery cloth until new and shiny and put a lite coat of grease on the bars and reinstalled

the throttle tube.

Later, Jason

are your cables frayed (sp?)


The bike is brand new, less than 5 hours. I doubt it is frayed. I will check for buildup but it was a very positive lockup, not just alot of friction. The throttle is very smooth normally. Thanks for your suggestions though. I take it you have not had this happen.

This is probably (im 90% sure) cable ush and one pulls! Whenever you twist the throttle look at it closely when you let go the cable that pulls it back has probably too much freeplay in it and it is causing it to stick! When you take the carb off sometimes the cables need to be readjusted! SO look carefully when you twist and let go to see if the cable that pulls is getiing "bowed up" and this will cause your throttle to stay at one position! This has been the case on my 2 old XR's and I had this problem once when my YZ was brand new! Hope this helps!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Have you guys ever had a stuck throttle on your 426? I was rejetting my 01 yesterday when mine stuck. I hit the kill switch right away, it seemed like it had stuck close to closed (wasn't revving wild). It was really stuck and I had to twist it open pretty hard to free it (hmm, maybe I won't do that if it happens again). I thought since I was rejetting, maybe the allen head screw that holds in the needle had come loose (you guys don't locktite that do you?). But when I got home, I checked the carb, and everything was fine. Now I am going to be spooked until I find out the cause. Any ideas? Anybody else seen this problem? Yikes this bike is out to get me.

Mine stuck once like that when I laid it over on the throttle side. The alum hand gaurd was jambed up against the throttle tube.

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