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Scratched piston w/ ring

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So i officially put down the tools today....🤣👍

Installed the oil catch and upper and lower rings, easy right? Then went to install the upper ring and.... oops! put a very small scratch in the skirt of the piston. I cant get it to catch my finger nail but only ever so slightly.

So now that ive compromised all of my credibility on this forum...Is this scratch going to be a problem? Ill buy a new piston just tell me, but if i dont have to i dont want to. Its so minute i couldnt even get a pic w/ my camera.

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the skirt of the piston is near the bottom, below all the rings.

were you attempting to put the rings on from the bottom?

if it's only a very slight scratch, near the top of the piston, i'd take some scotchbrite and make sure there are no rough edges and install the piston.

but if you scratched the coating on the piston skirt, all bets are off.

now where is the scratch again, and how big (deep X wide X long)...

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