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I hope I get laid off!

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Because I just blew a grand on gear for my (soon to be, I hope) adv. tour out west. That sounds bass ackwards doesn't it!🤣:lol:

What can I say, when the layoff comes I'm not sitting around!👍

Anyway, this is what's coming:

IMS 4gal. tank (I hope it doesn't feel too big, Matt at the TT store was nervous for me), Promoto rack, Giant Loop Coyote saddle bag (I hope it's big enough), Hennessy Expedition Asym jungle hammock (Not sure how well it will work out in Moab, what with needing trees and all, but I always wanted one- I guess I better look into solo tents for the treeless portions of the trip), and a Marmot down sleeping bag.

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