White Bros. Are Great Bros.!

Greetings Pig Riders Of The Purple Sage,

I'm here to give the guys at White Bros. Major Props. I bought my White Bros. E-Series muffler used from our fellow Pig Bruther, Danco. The muffler was in great condition and went right on my bike with no problems. On the weekend that me and ThumpDaddy 650 went riding with Lisa'sXR & crew I discovered that the weld where the mid pipe connects to the muffler had broken all the way around! I called White Bros. and spoke with Gary. I explained that I had bought the pipe used in great condition and I did not have a receipt from the shop for the original purchase. Gary gave me a return authorization and said they would look at the pipe and determine if they would warranty it. I mailed the pipe out that day. Yesterday when I got home from work I found a box waiting for me on my doorstep. After making sure it was not some booby trap from my ex-wife and the area was clear, I realized it was my pipe back from White Bros. (That was quick! :D) They totally refurbished & re-packed the muffler, put a beautiful new weld and a trick supporting bracket on the mid pipe so that it won't happen again (once again welded beautifully). There was an invoice included. I opened it up and all it had was $0.00. White Bros. just made a life long customer. I wanted to give credit where credit is due! Advertising is advertising but word of mouth referals are the core of any business' business. I want to spead the WORD! White Bros. will take care of you after they make a sale. Thank you Gary & White Bros. :):D

thanks for the heads up :). I was thinking of getting one of those pipes. Now I will definatly get one.


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