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dabbling with the two stroke world again

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Well, I just bought myself an 02 YZ125 to play on. I had been looking at some newer 125's just as play bikes, but I really didn't want to spend much money on a bike to just toy around with. I saw this 02 for sale on craigslist and figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out. Looked like it was in alright shape for it's age, but I offered him $800 and after a bit of haggling he let it go for $850. It needs a little work, but nothing too bad. The levers are bent, the tires are shot, and one radiator is bent pretty bad. It runs strong, but I'm gonna rebuild the engine anyways. I think I'll have a pretty fun bike for under $1000 👍

Pics to come later.

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Haha, I'm always lurking over here, can't get rid of two stroke blood completely I guess. I've been missing a two stroke ever since I sold my 250 this summer, now I guess I won't feel so much like a traitor when I hang out over here. I'm actually excited to get this bike fixed up, I haven't ridden a 125 in 7 years!

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Here's pics as I bought it:




Since this is just a play bike, I don't want to spend too much money on it, but I want to make it look good, so I'm going to try to make as many of the stock components look good as possible. My plans are as follows:

Already purchased:

new top end

new linkage bearings

new tires

new graphics

gripper seat cover

new brakes

new levers

new grips

new left radiator

billet case saver

Future plans:

black rims

blue silicone radiator hoses

05+ brake front brake line

shorty silencer

repair pipe and strip it of paint

polish polish polish

I'll keep you guys updated as I go along with it.

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Alright, got some parts today so I started on it as soon as I got out of work. It doesn't even look like the same bike. New radiator is on, new tires are on, new grips are on, new graphics and numberplate backgrounds are on, new seat cover is on, and I put an 06+ front numberplate and front fender on. I popped the dents out of the pipe and repainted it, as repacked the silencer, as well as cut the silencer down a couple inches to make a "ghetto shorty". She's coming together, new pics soon.

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Thats sick man did the 06 number plate and fender bolt up or did you have to drill?

The fender bolts right up, the numberplate is hard to make fit, I had to make special brackets b/c the way it mounts is completely different.

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Looks sweet! How does the powder coating hold up to tire irons?

Pretty good as long as the rims are prepped right. You will eventually get a silver stripe around the outside edge from tire swipe, but in my experience they hold up about the same as anodized rims.

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