426 clutch

Decided to listen to everyone that has had a clutch problem and install a Hinson basket.I don't race so didn't get in any hurry.Took it apart today and found 2 cracks about an inch long along the bottom of the basket tangs and another crack from a rivit to outer edge of basket.I was probably just one ride away from scatering pieces all through the bottom end.Thanks to all who posted about clutch problems.

I currently have my basket out for another reason, and my 426 is an early bike that Yamaha has offered to replace the basket for free if it is cracked or broken. Unfortunately it isn't yet, however I asked my dealer to contact yamaha and request a new basket anyway. If it is a problem I feel they should replace it before it destroys my case. I haven't received a response yet from Yamaha, but when I do I'll let everyone know the result.



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oldx- did you notice an improvement with the Hinson? Is it less grabby? Mine has been grabby on a cold engine since the first time I rode it but it does seem to be a little worse now, and I might slap a Hinson on mine too. I use mine almost totally for racing (maybe practicing would be a better description). Anyway, snow has been on the ground here in OK for about two weeks, the kids have been out of school that long and about anything that gets me out of the house and into the shop would be a pleasure hehehe.


Sorry Mike can't answer that as I haven't tried it yet.Will let you know how it feels when I ride it,however my clutch never was grabby.

MikeOK: I know exactly what you mean. My 2000 426 clutch became a bit grabby and made an annoying squawking noise when the engine was cold and I would engage the clutch for the first time. The Hinson HAS helped in that regard, plus the clutch has a much more positive and reliably consistent feel....probably due to the extra oiling slots machined into the basket. Seems to me that all the manufacturers could contract with Hinson, or even Performance Engineering, to supply their basket without the MSRP of the bike being impacted much. Most riders spend a few hundred dollars adding the best upgrades anyway.

the clutch in my 426 is so grabby its like either on or off there is almost no slippage at all my bike also makes that sqwaking noise when cold any ideas what that might be.

I received a reply from Yamaha regarding my clutch basket for my early 00426. I requested a new basket even though my old appears fine. This is what I did: After a discussion about a noise in my engine (I thought it might be a basket) I called my dealer and talked to my salesman. He at that time contacted Yamaha to inquire about the noise and possible replacement of the basket. Yamaha responded that the serial # I have is suspect and that they would replace it if it was cracked or broken. I took it apart and found no trouble. A week later (after pondering the situation) I called my salesman again and asked him to go to bat for me to get me a new basket anyway. I told him that if the old basket came apart and did any damage to me or the bike that Yamaha could expect a lawsuit for not correcting a known (admitted) problem before it cost me some green or worse yet skin! The reply from Yamaha is that I can expect a new basket next week. :) A little hardball worked nicely. This approach might work for others with early 00426's.


My early 00426 started making a pinging sound

and i shut it off and went straight to my dealer. The mechanic fired it up and not 5 minutes later the bike locked up. Come to find out a spring came out of the basket and was jumping around in the motor. To make a long story short yamaha paid for a basket and a flywheel.


Glen T and Thumper 426, what shipping date or other method did you have of identifying that you had an "early" 00 426? Is there a list of VIN's to reference into or something?

I figure my clutch is ticking away, so I baby it for now, avoiding the dealer-warranty-repair-showdown if possible. But that day may come anyway.

does "Grrrrrrroncch" ring a bell? :)

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Is there a list of VIN's to reference into or something?

I'm buying a barely used, mint '00 426 - please tell me that there's a list of VIN #'s so I can determine whether or not I am buying a time bomb. Man, all the talk about all these gremlins is bummin' me out. :)

Write down your number and goto The local Yamaha shop and they can tell you If you have one of the earlier models (they can tell by how samll the number is...because it was manufactured earlier)!


Even if the clutch on the 00' 426 you are buying is so called "defective" (chances are it is not) If I were you I wouldn't hesitate to buy the bike for $4500 ... a hinson clutch is about $225 which is not a lot comparing to how good of a deal your getting on that basically new 426! Hope you enjoy your new bike!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

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