replacement lever for aftermarket clutch perch

Hey guys I have a '07 WR450 that the previous owner put a lot of aftermarket parts on. Well I tool a spill and broke the clutch lever off, so I ordered another and when I try to put it on the mounting part is to big and wont slide in. It does have a aftermarket clutch perch with the thumb hot start on it, it is red anodized but had no markings on it. I measured the OEM style lever I ordered and it is 3/8" at the mounting area, the mounting area on the aftermarket perch is 1/4". So how do I go about finding the proper clutch lever? I've looked all over but 90% of them say "meets OEM specs", but I need a thinner one. Any help?



It sounds like you have a works connection or one of the many copies. Hondas have the thiner blade to go into the perch and usally that is what they are copied after.

Great, I'll check it out. Thanks!!

I tried my buddies 08 honda CRF450 lever and it was too fat as well. I guess I'm going to have to go in to the local bike store to see if I can match one up

AAhhhh I got got it! I went to my local shop and looked at every lever in stock and all were to big. I searched for the broken part of the lever to see if it had any markings on it, well I found it and it said outlaw on it. So I called up outlaw racing and even though their website says "easy replacement with O.E.M. levers" you have to use their outlaw racing lever. So I bought 2 just incase. Thanks for the help guys!

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