2001 yz 426f?

i just recently picked up a 426 for 1k. has new bottom and top end, excell rims, acerbis tank shrounds and mudd flap, starts 1st or 2nd kick. i was just wondering if you guys think it was a good deal. i'm coming from an 01 rockstar rm125.(still have this bike, and love it). i've been lurking, reading a ton of post on the 426. but i see there's conflicting post on what to do, what not to do and so on. just would like the thumper's opinion on the 426. thanx


Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I paid $1800 for my 2001 WR426F in great condition.

If I were you, before riding it too much, I would change the oil and filter and also do a valve check (adjust if necessary). If it's running well, it likely won't need any adjustment to the valves, but better safe than sorry.

A grand sounds like a very good deal! Post some pictures and let us check it out!



here's some pics of my toys i currently have. the graphics on the 426 i really didn't care for, so i tried to take them off, they can be a pain!!! as you can see, i didn't get all of it off yet.

sorry for the crappy pics, was taken with my phone.

For $1000 I'd say you got a pretty solid looking bike!

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