20" Front Wheel

Has anyone tried a 20" front wheel yet. I just ordered a pair of Black Excels for my YZ426 the front in a 20". If nobody has used one I'll report back after I get mine laced up but, it will be a few weeks.



I asked White Bros about one a few months ago and they told me that it would be a while before they got the wheels and had spoke kits made up... that has been awhile though. Where did you get your rim and spokes from? Do you have a tire yet?


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A friend of mine got a Talon wheel set from WB for his 426, and he got the 20" front. He says he likes it, but he doesn't rave about it. I took a lap on it, but his bike was so weird, I forgot to even think about the front wheel.

I got the 20" front wheel done this weekend along with the matching black Excel rear. Today I went out to Sunrise MX Park (In SoCal.) for a quick test run. I haven't rode MX in about 3 months so I was worthless on the track. At best I'm only on the Novice level and race D-37 Desert 4 Strk. Novice. So for what my opinion is worth, I think it was worth doing. I would do it again for the money (about $180 for the front). The diff. isn't night and day it's kind of like riding a 98YZ400 (when they had the front end push) as compared to a 2000 YZ 426 maybe better. You really notice it when riding on the edge. When the tires are starting to slide around a corner. I never got rid of the feeling that the front end could wash out at any time. If this is a prob. for you Get The 20. Works for me.



Todd: That's an accurate way to describe the sensation of the front end...that it could push out at any given time. If the conditions are right, I feel confidence in the front wheel, but if the track gets wet or the conditions change that don't favor my front tire type(756), then I might as well shift into spode mode.

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