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Dual Sported the Katoom

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WHen I bought this bike a year ago It came with the plate but none of the lights, turn signals, etc. Not liking any of the full kits that can be purchased (including the hard parts from KTM) I decided to shop around and assemble my own. My parameters weren't probably any different than most - 1) Function (bright lights, turn signals, etc) 2) Form (small and as crash proof as possible) Most of my riding is in the trails of the great North Wet and most of my road riding will be in my home town (small, rural community) and connecting trails although I do have a roughly 600 mile road ride planned in May.

I chose Trail Tech for their X2 Halogen headlight and Endurance computer, Baja Designs handled the LED taillight and rear turnsignals, Zeta covered the front turnsignals/hanguards mounted on KTM hardparts 'barkbusters', Enduro Engineering supplied the brakelight switch and licens plate mount, K&S headlight/turnsignal switch (much smaller than the Baja Designs switch, cheaper than KTM) Acerbis flip up mirrors (mounted upside down in order to see behind). I think that's about it...­čĹŹ

Let me know what you think...oh, I know it could use some new graphics but that'll hafta wait awhile:busted:






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