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Racing Street Based Supermotos in Scotland

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Hi All,

I'm going to really try and push and get the entries up for the new Supermoto Road Production Class Championship we are running up in Scotland this year.

Unfortuately an opportunity has been missed for the big capacity bikes at the power circuit of Ingliston and we are back to the tight and twisty Crail for Round 2. Round 2 will take place over the weekend of the 10th/ 11th of April and (if sufficient entries) will run seperately to the main classes, unlike Round 1 as the dirt sections will be used by the main classes. Riders will also be able to enter those classes if they feel up to it, although it could mean 6 races in a day. Now my KTM is fixed, I could end up doing that and entering the S3 as well as the Road class.

Round one saw 4 entries, 2 DRZs and 2 KTM LC4s. Unfortunately one of the LC4s didn't make the grid due to mechanical difficulties.

I will be going on various forums of street based moto riders to try and promote this and get the entries up. We need at least 6 bikes to justify the seperate races at the next round.

The rules are fairly simple. the bike has to be road legal with an MOT (if applicable) & road legal tyres. It must not be a converted motocross bike and must have been originally sold as a road legal bike. Lights and all the other road legal stuff may be removed for the racing. The sort of bikes this would include would be :

Suzuki DRZ


Yamaha XT 660

Honda XR/ Fun Moto

any others?

...even hypermotards will be eligible. Full machine regulations are available on the website at www.scottishsupermoto.com

If anyone has access to other manufacturers forums, they could cut and paste this post and put it on there as well. I'll do the KTM and Thumpertalk Forums.

The cost of the days racing will be £60 (£100 if you want to race the whole weekend) with £10 for a day licence (£45 for the year) and a further £10 for ESKC membership for the day (Annual £100, although this allows open access to the track on free weekends and during the week). For this you will have a 20 minute practice/ qualifying session, and 3x15 minute races. There may also be additional trackday sessions thrown in if time allows. Riders will also be allowed to enter the main races at no extra cost (these will include dirt sections), so plenty of track time available. We use transponders at crail that can be hired, however as we will run seperate to the main classes, it is likely these can be borrowed from other riders.

If you are interested, please email me on richardlmpearson@o2.co.uk and I'll ensure you have all the information you need.


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Best o luck Ric wae the promotions , tuned as it is i doubt my dr 440 would be much o a match for u guys , but im getting increasingly interested in this sport , the R1s days could be numbered the a82 is chocka wae plodd these days , Best o luck agin Don P Glesga

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