04 WR450 quiet this thing down

I just picked up a 04 wr450 and the bike is louder than hell it has a DRD muffler on it, I took the end off of it and there is nothing in there but the perf tube. Is there normally some kind of packing in this type of exhaust?

And if not is there an exhaust out there that will quiet this thing down?

The FMF Q4 will do the trick. Better hurry, their 20% off ends on 3/31/10.

The Q4 or a stock exhaust are the best options.

if you want to keep the exhaust you have, there should be packing in there.

Dr. D pipes are some of the loudest. Painfully loud, even when new.

Get another pipe, or find a stock one on ebay. They show up pretty often.


noise nazi

just bought a stocker off ebay for my 06.. it had a m4 on it and i could not stand to be around it... bought the pmb insert for it also...

sold the am on ebay for more than i paid for the oe.... i have a buddy with an 04, oe with the reducer out of it and it is still way quieter than mine was with the m4...

my 06 with the pmb is very quiet and still runs great..


I got on the DRD site and bought the packing and the Quiet insert, see how that works.

I don’t see why this guy paid $620 for a exhaust and didn’t use it.:thumbsup: It is kinda like he was running a straight pipe the way it was set up

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