high speed wobble

ive got an 04 wr450 and at speeds aroung 50-60mph i get the wobble. not real severe but enough to make you want to back off. anyboduy got any ideas?

Is it in your steering?If it is i would check your head or steering bearings for excess play,put your bike on a stand so your front wheel is off the ground and grab your forks and test your steering for side to side movement and up and dowN,YOU SHOULD HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MOVEMENT!

If its not bearings or something like that you can try sliding your forks down a few mm in the clamps. this should help with high speed stability at the cost of quick low spead turning.

you need to get your tire(s) balanced....I did mine, no more wobble.

Make sure that the forks are level and perfectly parallel to each other, and if this is not the case, check the oil level, wheel rim, spokes, axle, bearings etc...

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Have you set your sag? Incorrect sag will cause head shake

When does it happen? In the sand?

I've found this bike is real sensitive to bad bearings, but that has only caused a low speed wobble for me (about 30 mph).

Things to check:

tire pressure

tire balance

proper sag

bearings (wheel and head)

If none of these fix it, get a steering stabilizer.

A little head shake may be normal but make sure your sag is set to 100mm.

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