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need convincing

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I’m thinking of getting the drz 400sm but not sure so i hope you can help me.

I no I’m asking on a drz forum so it’s only going to be good remarks on this bike but please tell me the bad.

I’ve read up on the bike and I know the mods that i will be doing if i will get it.

But I’ve heard there is a automatic cam chain adjust on the drz and it stretches the chain. This is a big put off to me, I don’t want to be rebuilding it every 2 minutes.

This will be my first enduro bike so what will the service recommendations be. How many miles do you have to check the valves. When is the big service like rebuild etc.

Thank you for reading any reply will be a big help.

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A SM will not be an enduro bike. Are you planning to hit the trails on this bike? If so...I would really recommend you consider the S model. But if you want the most fun on pavement that you can have...go with the SM. But it is definitely not going to be recommendable on trails...especially for a noob.

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