should I adjust this valve

I just checked the valves on my 08 for the first time. I bought this bike used.

Both exhausts are in spec at .203mm. Both outside intakes are in-spec at .102mm. The middle intake I cant get the .102mm feeler gauge in there and the .076mm. goes in easy.

This bike starts very easy every time hot or cold. I don't have any shims here or I probably adjust that one. What I am thinking is close it up and recheck it at the next 2 oil changes and see if it stays. Advice please.

IMO it's tight and most likely just out of spec. If it were mine I would reshim it.

I'ts out of spec. Adjust it.

Thanks guys. I adjusted it and I am now in spec. I'm having problems getting the valve cover on. Please see other post.

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