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Pro Cycle Dual Sport kit XR200R

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Hello, my name is Donny and I'm pretty new to TT. I live in Bend Oregon and enjoy riding my old XR in the desert here. I have the bike registered and received a license plate for so I am thinking about the Procycle dual sport kit for XRs with a headlight. I can only really afford the kit without the wiring harness---Turn signals, handlebar switch, brake light switch, tail light and plate holder. It's $149.00. I just don't know about wiring it myself. I'd like to think I can do it but just wondered if anyone out there has done this or might have any tips. The bike is a 1987 XR200R with stock headlight. Do I tie into power wherever the headlight draws from--under the tank near the coil or do I stand a chance of really screwing it up. I would really appreciate any advice anyone might have. Thanks a lot!

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