'98 YZ400 idle probs

I've read through a ton of posts & have seen most of the "typical" problems with this carb. But I haven't seen anything relating to this exactly. As far as I can tell mine doesn't suffer from any of the "normal" problems. Possibly due to the fact of having such low hours on it. (maybe 200 hours of trail use)

The problem I'm having is, it won't idle without the choke on. Even with it set to the fastest possible idle, it still dies when I release the choke. So my questions are these:

Is it ok to ride with the choke on?

Will it cause damage to something to ride with the choke on?

Can I leave the choke on & just set it to idle a bit slower?

Is there a fix? - How do I fix?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Supposed to be going to Wayne National Forest this weekend & I'm really anxious to be riding again.:thumbsup:

Thanks grayracer, tried everything you mentioned in that link, unfortunately nothing helped. Even took it to a Yamaha dealer & had them look at it. They didn't do any better than I did. Runs great, but still won't idle without the choke. Talked to them about trading it in but, since they only offered me $500, I'm just gonna ride it the way it is. Will wait till I go back to work & try to get my hands on a new RMX450Z. Fuel injection and electric start, best of both worlds.:thumbsup:

Try one more thing: check the valve clearance.

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