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Need a 17-tooth countershaft sprocket for '91 DR650

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Changed my chain-related stuff a year ago or so, bought a 16-tooth countershaft and larger rear sprocket from Krause. Ratio-wise I didn't think it would make such a difference but whoa, I now have a 400lb trials bike, sort of. The bike now wheelies really easily and would be great offroad, but most of my riding lately is on the road and it tops out kinda early on the highway.

I do not want to change the rear again because it was very expensive so I went over to a local dealer to pick up a 17 tooth for the front. Surprise, surprise, there is no 17 tooth available for the front. I sent a note to Krause but they have not got back to me yet, which is odd, they are usually fairly prompt.

So, does anyone know of a 17-tooth that will fit the countershaft of a '91 DR650?



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