Anyone ever used Rand Racing radiators ???

Went for the first ride of the year on Sunday at my buddies track and promptly went over the bars and pancaked my Lt radiator. It's not bad, crushed about 3 rows of fins. But it just sucks given that I keep my bike clean and tight.

Has anyone ever tried these rads ? Price is right.......


If they are the same as all the other Fluidyne rip offs that are made in China then IMO they are basically the same as the Fluidynes. I had a set on my 04 YZ450f and those things were beefy. Seemed to me like the bike liked to heat up easier on tight trails on hot days as they are thicker and need more wind to cool them down. Other than that they were great.

i had a pair from cv racing that are the same and they worked great helped my heat issues i had with my race motor

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