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I have just purchased the program going on all the amazing things i have seen it do on TT ๐Ÿ‘ however i have been stupid busy with projects lately(KTM 200/ crf 250 hybrid for one) , have not had any real time to play with it, the one thing that strikes me is it needs all the data for each piston(no problem there , it cant do the job without data to work on) however i was wondering if some one has the info for the commonly used pistons, eg showas and kybs , it would be a good resource to have on here, we could build up a little bit of info, so each person doesnt have to measure each piston.

Any one got some data to put together?


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good idea mog

the Wseat dimension is a bit abstract I think, you can measure the valve seat width but on WPs for example the face shim doesn't cover the full seat width. so then W seat is just the amount of overlap.

i have some dimensions i can put up when i find them.

the only thing i think is really missing from the updated program now is the MV spring

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i really liked your 3 stage in the cr 139 steve, one of the best shocks i have ridden ๐Ÿ‘

Yep, that was a good one.

With the shaft isolator nut, I'm back trying a 3 stage stack, seems to be working.

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I think that's a jokey?????


I am fairly certain it does in the "pro" version (and I think the site says this somewhere...not sure.)

No jokey, Pete has the program and couldn't do a 3 stage shock. So thats why I'M asking.

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Will it do a 3 stage stack? I heard it wont.

Here is a three stage stack compared to a simple tapered stack.


The damping curves.


... and the three stage stack in action.


For that stack all of the stages are closed at a damper rod velocity of 20 in/sec. What was Pete's problem?

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455 (AKA Stevie),

We had a mis comunication . The program that I could not get to work on 3 a stage was a program Kevin Stillwell (not the moderator Stillwell) wrote way back in 1992 or 1994 . He had a program out that was used for single stage and 2 stage stacks , I had purchased it from him back in that era. Well I was talking to him and said it would be cool if he had a program that would work on a 3 stage stack . He said he was working on one and he put a copy of it in the mail and sent it to me. I worked realy good on my old 426 computer. Well about 2 years ago the old 426 computer gave up. The program was saved but it appears it does not work with the new versions of excel --- Bummer:banghead: .

The restakor is cool . It will do a 3 stage like we have found out. I do need more time to play with the restakor it does some neat stuff. I would like to compare its output to Jer's Dyno.

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are you sure, Mike?

the 426 could be a works 286 ๐Ÿ‘

No way Frezzy, not even you could overclock the 286 to 426 but I am sure you must have tried when the first Gummi Frau vids came out at just about that same time:moon:

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Man this is too funny , we have all been around soo long we have lost our minds.

doesn't needs to be a bad thing though ๐Ÿ‘

to be a little more topic:

Never tried the RS (yet) but how do you guys handle the data input since it isn't eg in mm.

Do you always have to convert all data?

As i wrote somewhere before, i'd like to see the programm with metric data. Would make it much simplier to me.

And what about the piston data Marcus (mog) mentioned?

Without knowing this data is it possible to get any reasonable results?

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