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2005 YZ250F What weight fork oil?

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Would changing the weight and amount of fork oil soften my front forks up?

Should I just start by reducing the amount?

Sorry for the noob questions, trying to make my bike more woods friendly.

I stepped up the main jet and moved the e-clip down 1 position and added an after market air screw, now the bike starts on the first kick.

I will be putting on a heavier fly wheel this weekend, thanks Ron.

I would like to soften up the suspension next.

Thanks Bill

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Hey Bill, You're welcome. I was wondering what you thought of the FWW.

On the fork oil, most guys adjust the level of oil in the fork to soften it up. A small amount reduction can make a huge difference. If you change the oil weight, the bushings can wear quicker and take out the tubes. Mine's been re-valved and level dropped some, so it depends on terrain and rider style. Stock is 5 wt and mine is down 5mm. For trail riding you want only a small amount of compression damping, and only enough rebound to keep it from pogoing on you. Same for the back. We back all the way out on the high speed, which is the large nut on top. Then start at about 8 clicks and work back up. When the rear feels like your running a flat tire, back off 2 clicks and your there. Most likely tho you will need to hook up with a suspension tuner and mod the shim stack. Good luck.

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