04 wr450 -----> aluminum frame???

is this true at all???????????

i am going to be getting the frist one that comes into my shop AL frame or not. just 10 min ago a parts guy{ wrong 90% of the time :)} just said they might have AL frames??

is this true??

Probably meant subframes. Probably doesn't know 03's already have AL subframes. Most people at motorcycle shops are worthless and know nothing. I saw a guy go into a shop asking if his newly purchased XR600 was a 1 or 2 cylinder. The guy behind the counter asked "How many head pipes?", "2!", "How many Carbs?", "2!", "Well then your bikes a 2 cylinder." This was in Victorville Honda in the mid 80's, but who the hell would ever think a (normal) dirt bike under 650cc would have more than 1 cylinder.

Best advice, read the magazines with an open mind to the future of motorcycles, but ignore any BS you hear at the shops.

2006 WR500 with aluminum frame and fuel injection is what to wait for. :)

any one have any info that isnt rumour?


We will know if its rumor at 9pm PCT tonight at Yamaha.com/ The 04 dealer show is on in Vegas as I type. :)

thx for the info guys. now the next question is when do they get to the dealers?

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