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DRZ not starting

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New to this site and I need a little help, My DRZ "s" model does not want to start. I rode it a couple days ago and it ran rich, it has a lectron 40 carb on it and I gave the metering rod 1 screw to lean it out, no start, so I put it back to where it was and still no start. From there I checked the valves and they are in spec, I also checked the cam chains and such and it didn't skip a tooth. From there I checked spark and I have great spark. From there I checked the keyway on the flywheel and It is not broke so the ignition timing is on. So all in all, I have great spark and timing but still no start. I put some gas in the spark plug hole and still no start. It sounds like its gonna but just back fires. What gives?

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